FS McIntosh MC 2125 amp , C-29 Preamp, and MR-80 tuner

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charles hidalgo

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These pieces were purchased together brand new on March 16th, 1982. They sat in the same room ever since. They sound and look wonderful. They have NOT been touched in any way, and that would be for the new owner if desired. These are all 8 out of 10 rated for age. These are really really nice, but I cannot keep everything. All bulbs work except for one small green (output mode) lamp for the right channel on the amp.

Priority will be given to a buyer who wants them all, but if I have an individual buyer for each piece they can be sold separately.

Lettering is intact and clean, glass is very nice with no cracks anywhere. These can be heard in my room, and they can be shipped as well. Shipping glass, and audio gear has never been a problem but insurance is mandatory.

McIntosh MC 2125 $2500
McIntosh C-29 $1800
McIntosh MR-80 $1000

Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, or cash and carry

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