Mcintosh MC225 Amplifier for Sale SOLD!!

For Sale is a Mcintosh MC225 amp that has been in my collection for about 5 years. During those 5 years it has been sitting on a shelf waiting to be used. I always like Mcintosh but I like DIY stuff more so thats the reason I never used this amp. Now its time for someone to actually use this amp for its intended purpose. Playing Beautiful Music.

The Mc225 is all original inside and unmolested.
The previous owner polished the chrome and the some of the Screenprinting has worn off on the top and on the back.
All vintage tubes are included in the sale. They are a mixture of brands.

I recently took the amplifier off the shelf and Slowly brought the amp up to proper operating voltage use my Variac. Once proper Line Voltage was reached I played music thru the amp from my iPhone for about a hour. During that time it played great with No problems or buzzing.

Due to this amp having all its original capacitors in it I recommended it should be looked at by a Qualified tech to possibly replace the old Electrolytic and Film caps.

Included in the sale is A pair of 250uf caps and the Multi section cap for the PSU rebuild. i bought these a couple of years ago for the amp but never started the project.

Sold As Is and Working at the moment.

Asking $2700 plus Shipping.
Local Pickup in the Long Island/NYC area is available.DSC_4953.JPGDSC_4949.JPGDSC_4950.JPGDSC_4951.JPGDSC_4952.JPGDSC_4953.JPGDSC_4954.JPGDSC_4955.JPGDSC_4956.JPGDSC_4957.JPGDSC_4958.JPGDSC_4959.JPG


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