Mcintosh MC225 (SOLD) and MX110z

Hey folks - thank COVID for circumstances which force me to sell a couple pieces of really nice Mac gear.

Exquisite sound from this little amp. Power supply and rectifier have had the standard updates for future performance and reliability, with Authenticaps in the power section. Bumblebees have been replaced with Arizona caps ala Jeff Day's experiments. All else original, and this amp functions perfectly. All NOS tubes and a spare quad of JJ power tubes should you need them. Some chassis pitting, otherwise, nice cosmetic shape. Asking $2300.

Really nice example of this classic piece, which has also been gone through for long term reliability and maximum sonic pleasure. Power supply and rectifier rebuilt, old ceramic signal park caps replaced with Miflex KPCU, Auricaps and Mundorf Silver Oils. Knobs and switches cleaned and lubed from the inside out, clean glass, new lamps. Original wood case. Asking $2400.




Staff member
Two excellent pieces.

I have and love the MX110Z; it’s a fantastic piece. Never heard the MC225, but I’ve really enjoyed the 7591 amplifier here that I understanding is the MC225 may be the best 7591 amplifier ever built.

Best of luck!