Holiday weekend, so what else is there to do but hang around the shop?

I'm plumbing in a long-overdue air system upgrade. This endpoint will have two regulator/filters - one for high pressure and one with a desiccant drier for low pressure. Am replacing all of the hoses with Flexzilla, dandy stuff.


While I'm at it, the router is busy with these square cross section spindles for the millwork biz that makes the speaker biz possible.

Stack 'n' squeeze. Profile by ball end mill. Tricky huh?


Meagan has been fussing around for day after day on the pre-coating prep for these Harriers. C'mon, man!

Marching along behind them is a killer pair of Nightingales. I really cannot wait to see these puppies light up when I hose 'em down. coated.


And one in a set of four historically accurate Victorian era screen doors. It took three sets of custom knives to get thru this, including one for the screen moulding - which had to be mahogany, not stained lumber yard stuff.

You don't even want to know what these things cost. ;)


Almost forgot - here's a center channel stand with built in amp. The customer for this mis-spec'd the height, so it ended up eclipsing his screen by a couple of inches. To hit the revised spec we had to turn the amp sideways, not a problem. We laid out his room and listening position geometry, and dialed in the correct tilt angle. No charge, don't mention it, boo-boos happen, thank you very much.

This will be assembled post coating - what you see is a just loose stack.

Any idea what type of snake it is?
No. Dark greyish with faint brownish diamond pattern. Common, but these two are large. I suspect that they're interested in the chipmunks who hang out around the shop because of Meagan's generosity with peanuts. Seems like a good year for both snakes and all manner of rodent. The beavers are busy.

The building has a man door for each compass point and a big roll up, in summer all kinds of things wander thru.
Now in stock: minidsp SHD Studio - the shortest path to streaming audio with Dirac.

32 bit processor. Four presets with independent PEQ, compression. SPDIF, AES, Toslink and LAN ins. AES and SPDIF outs. IR remote. Pleasant app with easy signal routing 4x4.

No analog nuthin'.

Our standard equipment. Just add network and tablet. It comes with the full featured version of Volumino - which is okay, works fine but not very sexy - best to skip right over it and run Roon.