Pat McGinty

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I do kinda sorta have two sets on order with you. In exotic MDF finish you prefer.
Ha! I'm trying to get to that rendering of Harrier Classic. The end of season rush on the millwork side is keeping me from having any fun, but we'll get there. I think it's gonna be great.

Now to trim the baffle's tapered chamfers, an obviously a tricky operation that must, must, must be accomplished without a hitch. This is a late stage potentially fatal process that I would prefer to avoid designing in to the process, except that it looks so darn nice. A long cutting length, double piloted, downcut spiral and a large router sled. (That red thing on the floor is the vacuum press.)

Then it's off to the last of the glue-ups: the top. Plus a pic of the shop just after dawn today, from a spot just before the trail enters the woods.


Pat McGinty

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Oh look, a Kingfisher kit. :D:D:D

Not a bad way to blow a short stack o' dough, everything pays you back with performance.....with the possible exception of the zooty veneer.


The feeties are made from rock maple, emphasis on the rock. I was mulling going cherry or mahog, but nah, went for the total blondie.

Note the tweeter and amp housing spacers. Both of those rebates want to be too shallow to allow the use of a piloted flush trim bit when trimming the veneer, so we cut them deeper, then set them right with a simple 0.25" spacer.

For the tweeter this idea brings along with it, at no trouble or cost, the opportunity to add a layer of elastic decoupling. A rare freebie.

FWIW - each of the drivers incorporate an internal damping mechanism between the motor and the mount. So nice decoupling all around.

Tweeter Decoupler.cdr.jpg


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Just gorgeous 🤤 !!

Thanks so much for this peek into your workshop. It has been highly entertaining and informative.

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Damn. You just whip these together and in the process stir the grain and stain into an artistic masterpiece every freaking time. I get it takes a ton of skill, work and focus, but you make look so easy.

Pat McGinty

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The next build includes the first pair of Nightingales in nearly twenty years, a sold order for a gent's party barn, with matching center channel and several surrounds to include overhead effects. Oh, and a pair of Meadowlark Harrier Classics. Walnut with Zebrano baffles? Probably have that stuff on hand. Wait 'till you hear the MR13P Satori midrange, it'll ruin you, it has me.

I'm thinking of building out the four Seas tens per side 4x500W idea just to see what happens. And there's a little red devil on my shoulder whispering something strange about a subsub to relieve the subs below 20. It's a bad idea, I know, but once a thing like that crosses your mind you're pretty much have to get it out of your system, just me. There's a certain pro 21 with a 5" coil that is calling me.