Meadowlark Kite Build Thread - Prime Minister Gets A New Pair of Speakers

I actually saw one of these perform at an air show probably 40 some years ago. It was indeed ear shattering noisy as it hovered.
2 of them flew over our house last summer, and I was astonished at the noise they belch out! When I heard them coming I couldn't understand what the unique sound was, until several seconds later they revealed themselves. A very strange and unique sound signature.
Bump before this gets to page 2. Lots of good stuff in here, plus its the OG thread. I cant remember who on here ended up with these, but perhaps they would like to comment on them? Thanks! :)

They got a great review over on Steve Hoffmans site (post #64).

"Some of the best, IMO, are:

Meadowlark Audio Homepage

Highly recommended. Music, music, music. I spent a couple of weeks with the Kite model. Finish quality is also quite good, and owner and builder Pat McGinty is happy to talk to you about specific needs. Meadowlark flies under the radar here on SHF, but the quality of their speakers is remarkably good. "
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@Pat McGinty I'm pretty sure I have an early pair? The enclosures look like a blonde oak and were built and/or finished by Pat's daughter. The craftsmanship is really a fun feature of these. I don't believe my pair have the newer beryllium cones Pat moved to in later iterations. At least that's my recollection. They may have been an early design experiment. Not sure.

They are fun! They are endlessly adjustable. It took me time to acquaint myself with the DSP program, but once somewhat proficient you have almost endless settings. You just have to play with directories and file names. I even played with the microphone and room acoustics with my pair. My understanding of crossovers is next to nil. This proved to be a challenge, but also provided a learning opportunity. I was adjusting the bass first then chasing the mid and top end. Later learned that's backwards. Still... I love to tweak things while not breaking the bank and DSP speakers certainly give you that ability. Way cheaper than rolling tubes. Another advantage is space. If you are creative with your source your footprint can be miniscule. I love my pair and stole them.

My son wanted them for his dorm room, but I sent him with a Jolida tube amp, a pair of Meadowlark Swallows and Lin turntable.