Meadowlark Swift

I recently bought a pair of beautiful Meadowlark Swifts...


They were a little bit of project. A previous owner had replaced the original woofers (Dynavox) and the cabinets needed some minor attention (minor veneer / MDF damage, a split, minor scuffs / scrapes, etc).

In my search for replacement drivers, I found this forum which got me in touch with Pat McGinty. Pat was very helpful in providing information and a complete set of NOS drivers. I am very grateful to have found this forum. It is awesome that Pat hangs out here and takes the time to help people with things like this. Very cool to get to virtually meet the mind behind these great speakers. Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much to the forum and Pat!

The image above shows these just after wrapping up the project and getting them back together (in my living room). They are temporarily setup in my small cluttered office to keep them out of harms way while I have some living room / kitchen remodeling work in progress. They are being driven by a Dynaco SCA-35. They sound wonderful even in that environment. I am looking forward to eventually getting the system in my living room.

This is actually my second set of Swifts. I was the original owner of a set in light ash once upon a time. I enjoyed them for years, up until I sold them over a decade ago in the process of downsizing in preparation to move to another state. Just now setting aside the time and budget to put together an audio system again. I am so happy to have these beautiful Swifts as part of that system.
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