Meadowlark Swifts on 18wpc tube?


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I'm looking for a pair of speakers that will work well in a small room with my Leben CS-300x tube integrated. It's a gutsy little amp but still lives in reality, where it's 18wpc gives up on certain speakers. It'll play, but it won't be dramatic or dynamic. The other catch is, I want something small that can live in a bedroom without getting tripped over or where it would just generally be in the way.

I've been thinking about a used pair of Meadowlarks. Would the Swifts open up with that little power? Just curious.
My thoughts are subjective, and hopefully @Pat McGinty will chime in. His info will be far more objective.

I've been running my Swifts on a 35wpc Jolida 202a. Most of the time at below 50% power, so I'm guessing about 10 to 15wpc? Too me it sounds pretty good, but lacked bass. I was able to correct this somewhat with new drivers and tweaking the tube combination. My new to me Primaluna Classic is also 35wpc, but has really corrected that lack of bass. Bass is very present at lower power and volume now. I've been told that this is because the Primaluna has a much more robust, thus more efficient power supply.

So, I would guess that it might depend upon the quality of the power supply in your amp?


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Thank you. The amp in question has always been a gutsy little thing. And I -can- boost the bass slightly, with the bass tone control on it. I'm also looking at a pair of old Royd "The Envoy" standmounts. I just want something small, affordable, and relatively efficient. An old pair of Rega Elas would be great but I can't find one.
Well, I admit... I'm biased and love my Swifts. They're smallish and sturdy. I have them in a high traffic area and haven't had any issues with tip-overs or near tip-overs whatsoever. They're built really well, have some weight to them, have a great base, so they stay planted.

When I'm searching for used equipment, which I always do, I use all of these sources...
I was able to find my new to me Primare R32 phono stage in Phoenix, AZ using searchcraigslist. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was THE only one I saw for sale anywhere on the internet. Took some digging and patience. I found my Swifts on Audiocircle.


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That's right you have the Primare R32. I love mine, its absolutely fantastic. I don't love the head-amp in it but most of my favorite carts are MM and when I'm running a LOMC I use a SUT, which plays very well to the R32s strengths. I've looked on USaudiomart and Audiogon .There's a pair of Swifts out there, though in black. I'd prefer a natural wood color but black ash would do. I'm still thinking...

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I've had the greatest success on CAM with want ads....

Btw, as much as I loved my Shearwaters with 16 watts of class A tube power, they did come alive with 100 watts of SS.


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I am running a pair of Royd Envoys in my main system and absolutely love them. I am using a small British solid state integrated with great results. These don't need a lot of power to sound great.