Micro Seiki MA202L LONG tonearm with Headshell


Changing setup around a bit and have this tonearm for sale, its a bit special. The Micro Seiki MA202 is pretty well known but this is the "L" version and it is a longer version. Should be perfect match for a Denon 103 or 103R. Included is the hard to find super cool Micro Seiki Headshell.

The arm has bare wiring coming out of the tonearm and will need to have extensions or a DIN plug added to it. Or have it completely rewired with your choice of tonearm wire.

Super crazy price $400 shipped (payment via PP F&F).

Also open to trades up or down...trade value is a little higher then sell price...

Stuff I am looking for:

Altec drivers
Altec 32 horns
Altec cabinets (if you are local enough to Southern NJ)
other interesting speaker drivers

MA202.jpgMA202L 2.jpg