Mid-Winter Greetings from DownUnder... Auckland, NEW ZEALAND!


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Welcome to our humble home. I love this place and hope you will too. The folks are nice and the content is quality.
Thanks again for the warm welcome(s) everyone.

I have enjoyed reading the threads each of you have posted on this site and am looking forward to learning more, moving forward.

I just realised that I have neglected to share one more important member of our hifi family. These humble (not so little) MONITOR AUDIO R252 stand-mounts sound KILLER on our CREEK 4040s3 and fully deserve a family photo opportunity here.

The MA R252 is an early (circa late 1980s) design by loudspeaker design legend, ROBIN MARSHALL. We are big fans of these speakers - which will be undergoing surgery - as our next project - with a full internal refresh. Certainly, they will have been built to a price, so we just can't wait to see what they are really capable of!

R252 Frontal.JPG

I like Mike Creek and his kit and I have the pleasure to chat with him and he is mad about Mini Car find him on Facecrap.

Enjoy you stay here one of us is mad I am sure he he

Thanks Colin.
I have been reading with great interest and impression about your design journeys also.
We are currently doing all of our listening with the little CREEK 4040s3 - as we are packed-up and preparing to move house.
Present speakers are the MONITOR AUDIO R252 that are pictured above.
Damn they sound good!
I don't know why, but I have a sense that your CLAYMORE RETRO probably sounds similar to the CREEK. The only justification for this view relates to what I have read from others. This would be a very good thing IMHO.
In any event, I guess I could be quite wrong... See! I'm a bit mad too LOL!
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Welcome aboard! I very much like your approach to supporting your various gear combinations.

Thanks mate. Like a lot of you here on the Haven, we see no reason to limit ourselves to one flavour.
It's like when I read posters battling it out over HI-REZ DIGITAL v HI-END ANALOG. It's just crazy! Surely its okay to enjoy both?
Just because I prefer paperclips, doesn't mean I can't use a stapler from time to time, right?
And on the rare occasion I treat myself to an ice cream, I don't always have to have my favourite SALTED CARAMEL right? I mean BUTTERSCOTCH PECAN is pretty bloody good too... right?
You get the picture.
Anyways, I'm glad you guys are open-minded enough to understand that many roads lead to Rome.
(Which road shall we travel today? LOL!)
Found this on Monitor Audio, the little R252's look pretty impressive.

Monitor Audio.
@SPL db

You're so right! This humble little speaker is one of very favourites! The interesting thing is, the passage of time does not render a well-designed speaker invalid. As long as the at-risk componentry - typically electrolytic capacitors and tweeters - are all performing on-spec, they are as good as the day they were built. With judiciously selected new componentry - probably better IMHO!
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