FS Misc. Power Supply Iron for DIY Amplifier Builds--Now Sale Priced!

For Sale
I've got some iron suitable for building tube amp power supplies. I don't think I'll get around to using any of it, so here it is:

Pair of mil-spec power transformers made by Chicago Std. Specs in photos. SOLD

Pair of Chicago chokes. 15Hy, 85mA. SOLD

Pair Espey Chokes. 3Hy, 350mA, 28 ohms DCR. I have two pair of these available These are the low DCR chokes sold surplus by Fair Radio back in the 1990's and used by Herb Reichert in his "Flesh and Blood" amps, and were once championed by a certain well known ohms-hating DIY audio forum preacher. SOLD

Pair UTC CG-100 chokes. 12Hy, 150mA, about 115 ohms DCR. SOLD
pair in boxes.jpg
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Here's a few more things:

Pair Hammond 159P chokes. New in Box (one has been opened for the photos). 10Hy 125mA, 155ohms dcr. SOLD

Pair Stancor 2.5VCT filament transformers. NOS in original boxes. SOLD
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