Moving Sale - Queens, NYC - Altec, Fisher, RCA, Luxman and more

My wife and I are moving in a few weeks, and I’ve decided to sell off some of my personal collection. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to ship speakers and amps. Some small items are no problem--the rest is cash and carry from (Western) Queens, NYC. Please PM for more detailed descriptions and pics. I would prefer all items be picked up by October 8th, but can hold them for you until October 17th in certain cases. I’m open to all reasonable offers and am happy to work out bundle deals with you. Hell, feel free to make me an offer on the whole lot if you’d like. I also have all kinds of parts and test equipment that is not currently listed below. If you’re looking for something specific, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will keep updating this list as I both dig things out and convince myself that I’m willing to let it go. There are also some items in the pics that I have not yet listed below. If you see something that you’re curious about, just let me know.

QUICK DISCLAIMER -- I am simply a hobbyist and enthusiast like most of you. I do not pretend to have any professional experience servicing items such as tube amps. If you are not tech-savvy when it comes to electronics like these, I always recommend having a professional (or a friend who knows what they are doing) give them a once over, in some cases a full rebuild, before being brought into full-time service. Some of these items are very old, and I cannot be responsible for what you do with them once they leave my house. All sales are final.

Fisher X-101-C -- comes with original wood case and reproduction top grill (which looks great). Recapped and comes with a matched quad of new production 7591s purchased from Jim McShane that have low hours on them. ($700)

RCF H3709 Horns (pair) -- these are, more or less, clones of the famous WE/Altec 32 horn profile but with a straight throat. ($100)

B&C DE-10 compression drivers with ME10 horns (pair) -- 8 ohm, like new. ($100)

AR-XB Turntable (modded) -- new walnut plinth, new springs and struts, Morin-modded tonearm, beautiful deck. Comes with Nagaoka MP-110 cart. (SOLD)

Dynaco SCA-35 -- with new boards and EFB upgrade from Dave Gillespie (installed by me). Matched quad of Sovtek EL84M included. Currently installed is one output transformer with cloth leads and another with the later nylon leads. I honestly have never heard any sort of difference, and I can throw in a spare nylon lead OPT as part of the deal. Sounds fantastic. ($750)

Altec Compression Drivers from A8 system -- 902/908 bodies, tangerine phase plugs and what are, apparently, original diaphragms. One of the phase plugs has come unglued, which is common, and I’ll leave that fix to the buyer. ($250)

Altec 811-B horns -- in nice shape. Came out of a pair of Malibus, if I recall. Factory painted in Altec green. ($300)

Pair of Altec 755C drivers in Silbatone “Bae box” clone cabinets. The drivers aren’t the prettiest due to the Altec surround goo having spread over the cones (this is how they were when I obtained them). They still work and sound fantastic. The cabinets are gorgeous and were made by an expert craftsman who, I believe, is a member of these forums. I will happily keep the cabs and keep experimenting with them (I’ve always wanted to try different drivers). Let’s say cabs+755s ($1,500). 755s only ($750). If I remove the 755s, I’m keeping the cabs. :)

RCA MI-4288-D -- 6L6 x 4 mono PA/theatre amp. A project I never got around to. Massive iron. ($250)

Braun PS-500 Turntable - Designed by Dieter Rams, this is the hard to find North American version with 60 Hz pulley. Deck has some scratches, little bit of oxidation in the corners, it’s not mint but still very cool and presentable. Comes with NOS headshell. (SOLD)

Regency HF-350 mono amp - another project I never got around to. Would have loved to have located a mate, but alas...they’re hard to find. Big transformers, multiple chokes in the power supply, PP 5881s ($400)

Dynaco PAS-ish Tube Pre -- Upgraded boards from what is now Erhard Audio. Different circuit from the original PAS. 12ax7 x 2 and 12au7 x 2. ($300)

Jensen Model CN-82 Speaker (single) - fitted with Jensen PR8 and RP-103. Hole drilled for what I believe was an optional add-on back in the day for the RP-302 super tweet. New wiring and crossover capacitor. Always wanted to find a mate, but it’s great for mono jazz recordings. ($200)

Luxman PZ24 Tube Preamp -- super rare outside of Japan. Uses 12AX7s throughout. If I remember correctly, this was one of Luxman’s earliest preamps, if not their first stereo one. One of the knobs is not original, other than that it’s in remarkably good condition. New caps throughout and wired for 120. ($1,200)

Elekit TU-8200 -- Single ended amp using 6L6GC family of outputs. Will throw in a pair of 807s with adapters. I use it as a headphone amp. One of the binding posts is finicky and I haven’t had a chance to track down the exact issue. ($500)

Lafayette HW-7 Alnico Tweeters (pair) -- pretty sure these were made by Pioneer/Fukuin Denki. Some refer to these as super-tweeters. Low cost RP-302 alternative? 16 ohm, come with homemade stands. (SOLD)

DIY SUT using Newcomb TR-91 Transformers -- This SUT has switches for low and high gain, but only one of the primaries is currently wired. Will need to open it up to remember which one. ($200)

DIY SUT using Langevin 412B Transformers -- This is an end game SUT to my ears, and I really don’t want to part with it. That said, you’re welcome to try and convince me otherwise. ($1,000)

Rogers LS2 Speakers (pair) -- cabs are in decent shape, but not perfect. Water stain on top of one. Still very presentable and lovely sound. ($300)

Neat GA-15 Tonearm -- needs serious work. ($80)


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Next Round Is On Me
Definitely wishing I was out east. I’d be driving away with a carload of items. Good prices too by the way!
Pm sent last night for those beautiful Lafayette tweeters...I have a big soft spot for Lafayette and used to work for them...we had great fun there as everyone loved music and gear and played music in the two Staten Island stores...those things are stunning in my eyes!
Thank you to everyone who has reached out both via this thread and PM. A quick update: the proprietary headshell for the Neat GA-15 has been located.
You know, I'd prefer to let him chime in if he sees this thread. I have no idea if he is still into building cabs or not. I can also message him to see if he's open to the shout out. :)