My 1965 PEAK ST-100 rebuilt 2020

Here is my PEAK ST-100. Rebuilt by a local enthusiast Chris White who really loves details. The connections at the rear have been completely upgraded with new RCAs and Binding posts (Quite a tight fit) The rear panel had some corrosion. All controls are original and working well. Key caps replaced with Mundorf. The case is powder coated at RPC in Marcoola (Sunshine Coast)
Its has compact dimensions and delivers 2W a channel.
Its perfect for my PAX 30G speakers from 1962.






I hope you like the colour.
Give this about 45 mins to warm through and its capable of some really beguiling sounds.

Have you owned something similar or do you own an amp featuring the excellent ECL 86 tubes

Keep Well

I am using these Pioneer PAX 30G with the PEAKIMG_0827.jpeg

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Cool! Some of my favorite stuff around this forum features novel approaches to rehabbing gear I’ve never seen and might miss even if I had seen it.

John Frum

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I’d bet money the transformers were maid by Orion Electric. Same OEM as Akai’s reel-to-reels.
I've seen a few of those floating around and always thought they would be a fun little project. How does it sound?
Give it about 40-50 to fully warm up and you will be really rewarded with some top notch vocal sounds. Bass takes time. First rate stereo image happening. All the characteristics I listen for.


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Yes, I assume early sixties. Couldn't fi d any docs. BTW, I love you paint job. And, the build quality is really nice. The Merrel also has a really nice powdwr coat with whites flecks. Oldies but goodies. :-)