My 1979 system

Punker X

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This system is in our living room and really doesn't get played all that often. However if there was an economic emergency, everything else would go except this system. Not the best, but does everything just down right good. Putting Christmas away and doing some rearranging. Took time to give the Big Ohm I's a coat of Howard's. The rest of the system is a Sansui AU/TU-919, Technics SL-1350 with a Shure V15 III and a Sony ES SACD 5 disc player.




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That's a lovely system for sure. Can we better those higher end systems of those days? Sure, but they still sound pretty amazing.


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Can’t go wrong with Howard’s feed&wax. I’ve only owned the 717 series Sansui set, not only did they sound good but looked the part also. They have one of the better looking tuners out there IMHO. Never heard Ohm’s before though.
Lovely home you have there, I really like the arched door/windows and trim (Track home owner speaking).
That era Sansui and slightly earlier drew the proverbial line in the sand for me. At this level of performance I felt the bar was set. It really sets a precedent for performance and is at a level that any sane audiophile would be happy with. Of course we all have a bit of insanity induced from this hobby, so…

But I hear you- and you’re not the first one to say it’s a system they could easily live with and would make the cut, sometimes with other items of more exclusive pedigree heading out the door.