My adventure with Holey Corals


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After a tease a few weeks back, we have the first incarnation of my uses for the Holey Corals.

These cabinets were a kit from a few years back that was designed for the Fostex 103 type drivers. That’s about all I remember about them, but I’ll be digging through the Wayback to see what I can find out about them.


The Holey’s are playing fullrange with the Anarchy tapped horns coming in around 100hz. Still playing with levels and crossover points, but these little drivers do have some magic to them.

More to come.
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Those look familiar....are those the long forgotten “insubnias” from years past? I built one back then but have yet to put it to use.


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Yep, those are what I built. I remember buying a flat pack for the cabinet. Now I kinda wish I’d bought two. :)


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Hey, I know a guy who built some of those but he did some weird stuff with the drivers. Wrapped 'em in pretzel dough, or something...
Possibly plumbers putty on the metal frame and some sort of insulation around the magnet. When I pulled mine out of their cabinets they had a felt sock over them with heavy insulation, not sure how they breathed that way.
I am trying to understand the design of the onez enclosure. Is the gap between the baffle and the body of the enclosure a visual design element ( like the rear "wing") or is it part of the enclosure's port? What are the internal dimensions of the enclosure? What are the dimensions of the ports?