My Azurahorns & active, quad-amping system


Today is my last day before a new job. In the last few days I have been fine tuning the miniDSP XO and the Dirac Live DRC. I have learnt a bit over the process. Dabbled at 'gated measurement' for proper speaker calibration too. Balance between measurements and what you hear can be hard to strike because I don't fully trust the transient nature of my aural memory lol.

The most interesting bit was where to cut off my tweeter horns (JBL 2420). I tried pulling them down to about 4500Hz but that turned out to be sounding too 'modern'. Reminded strongly of the tonal balance in current Monitor Audio speakers. The piano sounded just wrong. Was ok and even somewhat exciting with pop songs so I could see what MA was targeting at.

I ended up settling down at around 8500Hz which made the sound more agreeable to a guy who origin is from AR-3a and large orchestral music. Some little EQing and then DRC. Buying a mic stand ages ago was one of the best buys! Without it the process would have been so much more troublesome.

Some pics...the nocturnal shot is from my verandah (outside the widows behind the horns). That Sydney City area.

IMG_3982.JPG IMG_3969.JPG DDE36431-BDFB-4AF2-8995-BB8E2365833C.jpeg