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My once precocious Basenji is still with us, though he's changed forever. He's become blind in one eye, has trouble processing what he sees through the other, and is loosing muscle mass. He's slowing down and needs a lot of assistance. We had a set back when his liver decided it didn't like one of the anti seizure meds he was on. That started a three month weening, while at the same time beginning the build up of the replacement. Walks get shorter and sometimes I have to carry him home. None of it matters. We love him. I'd do it again.

Back to the Swifts. So my good audiophile buddy, Sam, loaned me a Luxman amp/preamp combo to demo for a few weeks. The tube amp is an MQ-88uSE and the preamp is a CL-38uSE. He explained that the amp is a triode design and although it's fitted with KT-88s it only outputs about 20 watts per channel. So, I hooked them up to my Swifts, chose some music and sat back for a listen.

The result was stunning. Absolutely incredible. There's a depth to music that I've not heard though my Swifts until now. Quite honestly... I didn't even know it wasn't there till now. Bass that punches when called upon, yet will taper off and fade as needed too. There just seems to be such a clean separation between instruments and notes. My wife was stunned as well. I reconnected the Primaluna and she made me go back to the Luxman. She immediately forbid me from buying them from Sam. No issue there. He'd never sell them. Nonetheless, what a sweet sweet sound. The Swifts love this amp.


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I am a firm believer in system synergy, even when matching manufacturer recommended specs not all amps mate well with all speakers.