Nakamichi RX-202


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Real nice deck. Used mine for playback for a long time. Cool auto reverse system. Unfortunately it's now on the shelf waiting for basic service.

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I had the big brother, the 505, and it was a sweetheart of a deck. It's a top quality deck, that just happens to have auto reverse.
I've owned my Nakamichi RX-505 for fifteen years. I bought it at the local St. Joseph's thrift store. The deck was positioned upright on its side on the floor near the clothing rack. It's no wonder it wasn't spotted earlier by someone else. I got it for $15. I had no idea of what I had. I brought it home, plugged it in and that's when I discovered how the UDAR worked. I used it for the following ten years, without repair, until I had a technician put in new rubber (NOS Nakamichi belts, idler), lube it and calibrate it.