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FS Neat/Hamlin Idler Turntable--price reduced

For Sale
--Hamlin Musicmaster Point One Five (aka Neat) idler drive turntable from Japan. Late 1950's early 1960's vintage. Cleaned, lubed, and adjusted. Runs at speed and quiet. Freshly reconditioned idler wheel from Terry's, and new rubber motor mounts. Everything works as it should. Original platter mat shows its age. I will be re-installing the shipping screws so the motor doesn't tear away from its mounts during shipping. $249 Tonearm pictured has been sold and is not included.

--Musicmaster model 16 tonearm SOLD

turntable2.jpgwithout platter.jpg
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No action to speak of on the package deal, so I'm now willing to separate the pieces. If you're interested in only part of the package, PM and we'll talk.

Bump. All that remains of this lot is the turntable. Reduced price of $295. Tonearm not included (it's already sold as noted above). Turntable has new idler from Terry's and new motor mounts. Motor has been cleaned and lubricated. The thing works great, I just don't need it.