New Bruce Cockburn album on the way...


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Just learned BC has a new instrumental album to be released in September, and has started touring to support it. Both Canadian and US dates are scheduled.

A previous album called "Speechless" was also instrumental, and that cemented Bruce as one of my very favourite acoustic players. So I am looking forward to this one.


June 8, 2019- Winnipeg, MB
July 11, 2019- Huntsville, ON
July 12, 2019- North Bay, ON
July 13, 2019- Niagara, ON
July 14, 2019- Guelph, ON
August 7, 2019- Trail, BC
August 8, 2019- Cranbrook, BC
August 10, 2019- Edmonton, AB
September 7, 2019- Sisters, OR
September 20, 2019- Nashville, TN
September 21, 2019- Ferdinand, IN
September 23, 2019- Nelsonville, OH
September 24, 2019- Goshen, IN
September 25, 2019- Grand Rapids, MI
September 27, 2019- Chicago, IL
September 28, 2019- Chicago, IL
September 29, 2019- Minneapolis, MN
September 30, 2019- Fargo, ND
October 19, 2019- Toronto, ON
October 20, 2019- London, ON
October 21, 2019- St. Catherines, ON
October 24, 2019- Brookyn, NY
October 25, 2019- Albany, NY
October 26, 2019- Collingswood, NJ
October 27, 2019- Alexandria, VA
November 8, 2019- Victoria, BC
November 10, 2019- Seattle, WA
November 11, 2019- Missoula, MT
November 14, 2019- Salt Lake City, UT
November 15, 2019- Grand Junction, CO
November 16, 2019- Durango, CO
November 17, 2019- Boulder, CO
November 19, 2019- Phoenix, AZ
November 20, 2019- Santa Monica, CA
November 21, 2019- Berkeley, CA
November 22, 2019- Berkeley, CA
I was not aware the Bruce Cockburn released instrumental material. I'll be checking this and the previous album out. I remember discovering Bruce Cockburn as an artist on a late-night FM broadcast where they were playing tracks from Stealing Fire. From there I searched many of his albums.

Thank you for sharing.


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Bruce Cockburn is a fabulous (if sometimes somewhat cantankerous) artist -- a terrific songwriter and a superb guitarist. And he's also perhaps the best Bruce Cockburn-style vocalist out there today :)

I am a big, big fan.

Many of his albums over the years have included one or a few instrumental tracks -- so it stands to reason he'd produce some instrumental albums, at least in retrospect. :)

Here's a very atmospheric instrumental track from Bruce Cockburn.
FWIW, I love this one (and, indeed, the whole album from which it comes) -- but it might be a tad too ambient for some of all y'all.

PS Most of his recorded output sounds really, really good, too.


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Yup, Deep Lake is on "Speechless" too. That is a compilation of previous compositions, done instrumentally and with (and without) accompaniment. I really dig the one with the clarinet piece.

The new album is all new material. The sample that is available sounds inviting to me.