New Forum Features (Conversation Search, Uninterrupted OP Post Input, Event RSVP, Direct MP3 Linking)


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The forum has a few new features for members...

First, as a new perk for "Site Supporters," Conversations (private messages) can now be searched, for content or by member user name, or both. This is so you can find that message you cant find because there are just too many to search by reading them all. For "Site Supporters," there is a new button in the upper right of your list of conversations, to invoke the new feature.

Next, any Haven member can now directly link to mp3 content which is hosted on the net, either in the Haven "Media" area, or elsewhere. Just put the url of the link to an mp3 file into your post, and when you submit your post, the link will be replaced with a small media player type of control. Please note that, for this feature to work, your url link must end in .mp3 . Here is an example:

Rich Pustelniak, "You've Got a Friend"​

Next, for any Haven member, there is feature which allows the OP of a new thread to block posting by other members until he/she is done posting. This is useful when an OP needs to get several posts in without those posts being interrupted by the posts of others, like in an Emporium ad where the initial post is not enough to get the information out, or in an instructional thread, where a step-by step method is to be provided on how to do something, like restoring a piece of gear, or finishing a speaker cabinet, etc.

To invoke the post blocking, simply put the word "posting" in your thread title. Posting by other than the OP will then be inhibited. When the OP is done posting, simply edit the thread title, removing the word "posting" and posting by others will then be allowed. If the OP forgets to edit the thread title, after 24 hours posting by others will automatically be allowed anyway. To minimize confusion, on such threads, staff members may edit their thread titles as needed.​

Finally, for any Haven member, there is a new feature, enabling the organizer of some kind of in-person, or on-line, event (like SMAC gatherings, chat events, Haven Fests, etc.) to set up, in his/her event thread, an RSVP block. This RSVP block will show the start date of the event and will provide members the ability to register/sign-up for the event, indicate how many are coming, and some kind of note for their registration (like, "I'll bring the beer," etc.), as well. Members who have registered can also edit or delete their registrations. Additionally, the RSVP block can contain the end date for the event, the last day to be able to register, and/or the maximum number of attendees allowed.

Any Haven member can see RSVP blocks and use them to sign up or back out of an event. However, members desiring an RSVP block in their thread will need to put up their thread, with the pertinent information in the first post, then any staff member can be contacted, requesting for their RSVP block to be created in their thread. Any staff member can create or edit RSVP blocks.​
An example RSVP block can be found at the top of this thread page. Feel free to play with it.​

These forum enhancements are intended to add to the Haven vibe we have all come to enjoy here.

Rich P
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