New guy from SW Florida

I'm 68 and semi-retired. I got hooked on audio when I was a kid. My Pop's Fisher console with a mono corner speaker was the gateway drug. Got into tubes 25 or so years ago. My first real speakers were 1977 Klipsch Heresy's that I bought after college. I traded them in for La Scalas a year later and kept them for 23 years. In 1993 I bought a Cary SLI 30, an EL84 integrated. I called Cary with a question and Kirk Owen answered the phone. He asked me what speakers I had. I told him La Scalas and he said I should get the 300B SE. So I did. There was a glass chip inside one of the Cetron 300B's. I called Cary and Dennis Had answered the phone. I explained the issue and he said the chip was on no consequence and offer to send another tube. I declined.

Presently, I have Dennis's retirement Inspire amps, a triode strapped single ended pentode, a 45/2A3 and his LP27a preamp with B stock Klipsch Heresy IV's.
I gave up vinyl for streaming and audio is fun again.

P.S. I still like to mess around with vintage drivers.


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Welcome to HFH. Sit down and pull up a chair and your favorite beverage. I spent 25 years in Miami. Boy those Cuban girls were hot!

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Welcome bud! Me thinks you’ll fit right in. Lots of bottle heads here to chat with. Look forward to hearing more about your system and audio journey!