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I'm a new guy from Puerto Rico. Retired a few years ago to the island to live on the beach. Survived Maria, earthquakes, mammoth tidal surge and pandemic! Previously lived in Montana, Alaska, Minnesota, Texas, Arizona & CT.

This site was recommended as a hangout for Altec junkies. -- well... I am one. Hope to exchange ideas with guys about Altec speakers and other high efficiency speakers.

My current system is a combined home theater and a two channel music system.

The HT is a SS Harmon Kardon AVR, Sony DVD and Apple TV .

The music system is a Musical Paradise phono preamp MP -2P and MP 301MK power amp. I am just learning about tube rolling and the world of vacuum tube stereo. This is my first venture into tubes, prior to this I used a Marantz 2238b.

The speaker setup is a mixture. Both the HT and the music system share the front speakers which are switched between the two amps depending on use.

Front speakers; Bottom, Altec Valencia speaker components that I built into new custom walnut ported cabinets, new xc, L pads. Stacked on top of the Altec's, my restored Electro Voice Aristocrats. They can be played separately or together using a Russound 4.2.

Center speaker, a hybred custom built with a 811 / 806 horn ( I had an extra horn, so why not use it ) and driver with a pair of JBL 12" woofers.
Rear speakers, Klipsch bookshelf.

I toyed with the idea of building a sub, but really don't think it is needed, considering how deep the mains go.

My TT is my old Technics 1300 with Shure M91ED cart with a new SAS stylus. Really sounds nice.

My listening is mainly jazz, some classical, and rock.

This hobby is a bit like a drug addiction, I'm always looking for my next good high ;-).

My journey through the world of speakers started with many conventional types, ESS, Polk towers, and other wannabes; then got my first horn speakers, Klipsch Heresy. They were very nice, but I gradually moved up through the Klipsch line, getting bigger and better as I could find/afford the next big fix. Eventually, landed a pair of Cornwalls that really impressed me, I was happy with them for a long time. Until that fateful day at a garage sale, found a big box speaker with no name, cabinet was beat up, but bought it anyway. Got it home and wired it up to my amp - holly crap - this thing made my Cornwalls very sound anemic! It was an Altec Valencia, cabinet was rough, but the speaker was mint inside. Long story short, bought some more Altec components on eBay and built a pair of new walnut cabinets ( I'm a woodworker )

These Altec's are my favorite. A few years later, stumbled upon some EV Aristocrat speakers. A factory unit and a couple of kit speakers, all use the same 3 way EV components. These are a folded horn design by Paul Klipsch, slightly smaller that the Altec's. but they sound very good.

The only speakers that I have listened to that equal the Altec (or exceed slightly to be honest) was a pair of big Wilsons, they sold for over 30K at that time. Considering the cost differential, I am more than happy with my budget high efficency system.

These speakers are powered by the MP 301 MK - only 6.5 watts. This is plenty of power for all four speakers and a pleasant surprise to me coming from a SS Marantz experience background.

Just wish we had a larger room for the system, but you can't have everything. Well, I rambled on too long. Gotta get in the pool.


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Welcome to the Haven! Can you share pics of your Altec build?
Very similar story for me, had cornwalls and sold them shortly after listening to a set of Altec 604’s.


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Lots of Altec love here for sure.
Would be great see some pics of your gear.
Where in Texas did you live?
Added a couple of photos.

Lived in League City, TX for several years. Near Houston and Galveston. I liked Texas a lot.


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Added a couple of photos.

Lived in League City, TX for several years. Near Houston and Galveston. I liked Texas a lot.
My wife lived in Seabrook before we were married , pretty much the same area.
We are north of Houston now.