New here...

Hi all.

Hand me down stereo including Nad amp, Theil floor speakers and a pioneer CD player I have had for a while. Mostly play cds but starting to stream for convenience. It sounds good. It’s nothing like some of the set ups I see on hifi haven. I’m fairly easy to please. That saves money! Looking forward to learn more here.



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Welcome to the Haven. We’re all at different points along in our journey. As long as you are enjoying what you hear, you’re doing just fine.


Next Round Is On Me
Welcome, I started with a humble system (sansui 7070 and pioneer CS88A’s). The wonderful group of havenites has helped my to my current audio nirvana setup. Translation; they are enablers!:)

John Frum

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Welcome to the Haven!

All kinds of systems here. My favorites are the ones people enjoy listening to music on!