New Kestrel 2's for me!

Just got some new to me Kestrel 2's and discovered this forum! I've been a long time Kestrel owner - I bought my originals in 1998, and after a recent move, found the finish was delaminating a bit, and decided to try out the second iteration! I (obviously) loved my original Kestrels and they still work great, just decided to celebrate the new house (and big move, CO to MN) with a newer set of Kestrels.

I'm set up with a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III with the AQ Rocket 44 cables, and have a VPI Classic 30th Anniversary TT with a Lyra Delos cartridge as my main inputs, and an Arcam CDS50 for CD and streaming, which I do far less often.

So far, so good - I'm loving the detailed sound - seems like an improvement on the originals and getting better as the new speaker cable breaks in, so now I'm wondering about tweaks.

A couple questions for K2 owners:

1) The bases with the speakers are a little rough. One of them has a big chip where the veneer came off, which is, of course, in the front. Has anyone done outriggers alone in place of these? I've read some good things about the soundocity outriggers, but wasn't sure if anyone has used them and if they used them on the included bases or by themselves?

2) I'm running them biwire, with the double wires joined at the amp end. I don't have the jumpers, not sure if that was an oversight with the prior owner or if they're just MIA. Is it worth it to get some replacements and listen with a full range? I'm using newer AQ Rocket 44's biwired, versus some AQ Midnight (2?) that I had as long as my original Kestrels, which sounded great. Anyway, not sure how much effort to put into trying it both ways and wanted to hear other experiences of K2 owners.

Finally, anyone interested in the old Kestrels? They're functionally great and I've got the original boxes and even, I think, the manual. Not sure what a reasonable price would be. They have some minor scratches and I am debating trying to heat up and reset the veneer, which Pat suggested. I'm in Duluth, MN, and might be driving back to Denver sometime in the next couple months for visits.

Including a picture of my setup, too!


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