New member from Australia

G'day folks

While looking into DIY speakers, I found your site and thought this would be a great place to pick the minds of people more knowledgeable than myself.

I live in Tasmania, Australia and have been an audio fanatic since I was a kid. I have had several systems over the years everything from Klipsch, Duntech, Audio Note, Magnepan, Dynaudio etc and feel like I want to start experimenting with builds myself.

Will probably start with something fairly simple/common like a Pensil 11 (Mark Audio) full-range build and go from there. My curiosity for this build is a result of hearing the Pearl Acoustics Sibelius.

Anyway looking forward to picking your brains and learning a lot throughout the process.

Thanks folks.

Currently have three sources
1. Rega P5 TT / Ortonon 2m Black + Rega Fono MM Mk5 for the black stuff
2. Jolida JD100S cd player
3. Intel NUC running Roon for streaming.

all of these run through my Primare i25 prisma integrated amplifier.