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Hello all, I am new to this forum. I am from South Florida. I began my audiophile journey in 1995. I entered my first hi-fi store May of 1995, Audio by Carouso in South Dade County. I can still remember that moment, seeing all the gear. Names I did not know. What appealed to me more was the tube gear. Over the years tube electronic has been my choice. I look forward to reading the new and old post. I still have a lot to learn and welcome any advise from members.


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Welcome to the Haven! There’s plenty of tube love going on here, so you will fit right in. Can’t wait to read up on your system and see some pictures too.
Added some pictures of my system.
Cary audio 300sei
Altec 846b with external crossovers
Denon DP 75 with 12” Jelco arm, mounted 2m black
Marantz CD player.
Just got Erhard Aretha preamp
Cary CD 50M mono amps.

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Ok. I am one of the biggest Altec critics on this board and I have nothing bad to say about that setup bud. Looks awesome and well loved. Welcome aboard. Look forward to hearing more from you!
Welcome! What an incredible looking system. Mine is much more low-budget/simple so I'd be interested to hear the difference.
I'm in the Gables.