New Price: Vintage Vacuum Tube digital clock - VFD tubes, not NIXIE.

Vintage Vacuum Tube style digital clock
in very good condition - $100 (shipping not included)

A must have for the audiophile who appreciates a good vacuum tube circuit. I found this at an estate sale a few years back. It was in working condition when found but in need of a good cleaning. A tech friend gave it a once over for me and cleaned the inside of the "vacuum tube" body. Otherwise this is in as found condition. By the company name on the base, I'm guessing this was perhaps an award presented to employees of an electonics company (or similar).

The digital display tubes in this clock are VFD type (vacuum fluorescent display). They come from a post-NIXIE era around the 1970s and 80s, but predate LED and LCD displays in calculators and similar devices. The VFD tubes can fade over the long term, so I want the new owner to be aware of this limitation. Please note this clock is difficult to photograph due to the curved glass of the main vacuum tube and the glowing nature of the VFD tubes. The numerals are more distinct in person - especially in low ambient light conditions.

The time is displayed in HOURS / MINUTES / SECONDS in a 12 hour format. When displaying hours one through nine the leading zero tube is not lit. There are two openings on the rear for inserting a pen or pointed tool for setting the time. One button is a fast advance that advances the hours digits quickly while the second button is a slower set. With a little practice I could synchronize this clock with my smart phone within a few seconds.

The vacuum tube body of the clock is approximately 12 inches long. The oak base is 10" long by 3.5" wide.


My price is $100 which doesn't include shipping from Prior Lake MN 55372. I will accept cash for a local sale. Otherwise, I will accept a USPS Money Order or PAYPAL (plus 3%) for long distance transactions. The clock will be packed for safe delivery. I have extensive experience selling computers, electronics and audio gear through EBAY (wunderkat), Audiogon (1koolcat) and Audiokarma (1koolcat).

As this is a delicate electronic instrument I would prefer selling it locally to save it from potential damage. However, I am willing to pack it well in some open cell foam with flat twine holding the vacuum tube securely to the oak base if necessary.

PM me with any questions. Thank you for your interest.

Peter W.
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