New to audio bliss


I'm Stephen and new to the forum. I came here by way of the person that I purchased my Oliver Sayes Korneff clone from.

About 6 years ago, I started out with a Marantz 2252, Acoustic Research AR-2a speakers and a Dual 1219 TT and that was sufficient until June of last year when I decided to look at different speakers. I ended up with a very nice pair of 1978 Klipsch Cornwalls.

And then things went crazy!

I now have 2 setups!

Living room: Marantz 2325, Dual 1219, Bluesound Node 2i and the Klipsch Cornwalls

Listening room in the basement:
Will Vincent ST-70 rebuild, Oliver Sayes Korneff 45 clone, Chris Keller ST-35, Erhard Audio Aretha Pre and Janis Phono, Altmann BYOB Dac, Audiphilleo 2 MKii, Systemdeck iix TT, Velodyne ULD-15 sub, 1978 Klipsch La Scalas and then some Lii Audio F-15 drivers( still need to build baffles) I also had a local bamboo shop build me a custom audio stand out of bamboo for this setup.

It's certianly been a fun journey so far. I have really enjoyed many nights rediscovering the music I have listened to for years, the new details and new feeling of the sound has me hooked!

I've appreciated the information on this forum and look forward to continuing to learn from it!

Pics of both attached.


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Thanks all! Its been a fun hobby, I even made my own interconnects just so that I can contribute to my hobby in a small DIY way. I may look to other soldering projects down the road, but right now, I just have too many hobbies and am not going to take on building any kits or anything, but yeah, the baffles, there's still that. Ive chatted with the same place that built my stands about baffles, cause they have a CNC machine they can use to cut them day.


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Welcome to the Haven, neat looking gear. I owned cornwalls once too And an st70 (dynaco) but not at the same time.