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Do any other Havenites remember New York Acoustics? It was owned by Jim Cox and operated during the 1980s. Jim was incredibly gracious with his time and we had a number of long telephone conversations most of which seemed to end up with some drivers heading my way. I bought Strathearn ribbons from him along with Panasonic leaf tweeters and some fast Audax woofers to make my own mini QRS.

Ironically though the one remaining item I now have from NYA is something I bought originally for my Dad. He had a pair of AR 4x speakers with blown tweeters, and Jim recommended I try his 8.2 kit in the AR cabinet. The 8.2 at that time (the configuration seemed to change from time to time but still had the same model designation) consisted of a Seas P21REX (8” woofer), Seas H297 1” dome tweeter and a crossover. Mounting the new drivers in the AR cabinet wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. I think I had to cut a larger hole for the woofer and there was some complication with the tweeter too. However I managed somehow to get them mounted and the new drivers sounded great, much better than I recalled from when the ARs had both tweeters working.

That all took place in 1984. Fast forward 37 years: my Dad passed on a few years back, my mother just moved into assisted living, and the ARs are now back in my hands. I was more than a little curious to hear how the speakers would sound after all these years. Well, they still sound great! I just plopped them in front of my big open baffle speakers and hooked them up to my low-powered tube amps, and I was bowled over by the warmth, smooth and deep bass, smooth and detailed highs, and the excellent detail. My only complaint was the imaging wasn’t as good as I am used to since the tweeters are both offset in the same direction. To my surprise the amps didn’t seem to run out of power even though I had to turn up the volume over 15db to get reasonable volumes. That led me to swap in my Dyna A25 speakers, and I have to say as much as I like my Dynas the AR/New York Acoustics sound much better.

I had been toying with getting the Seas A26 kit or even buying some small Harbeths to be prepared for when I eventually move and need to downsize. Now I am thinking my Dad’s little speakers should work out just fine instead. Now if I can just figure out how to get them mirror-imaged….
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I want to change the binding posts so they aren’t recessed in the plywood. The way the posts are positioned now, there isn’t enough room in the recessed opening for the long spades on my regular speaker cables.

I may also order some Sound Anchor stands to get the speakers at the right height. Ever since we got the ARs in 1967, they have been sitting on some 5” high stands I made for them.


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Good stuff. Many old speaker cabinets could probably be repurposed if one could determine the proper contingent of drivers etc.
I know what you mean with the binding posts. I just got a pair of JBL C56 Dorians and those damn spring loaded things accept like no current standard cable/wire/connector other than 18ga lamp cord. Ugh. And the old AR ones don't hold anything either.