Nice Pair Of Kestrel Hot Rods in Toronto- Good price

From the listing

"For those not familiar with this fantastic speaker, the Kestrels are a two-way time-coherent floor standing speaker utilizing transmission-line base loading. In the Hot-Rod version, the cabinet is entirely deadened by a an extra dose of the proprietary compound called Keldamp that Meadowlark uses in its speakers (one reviewer said: knocking on these speakers sounds like knocking on three inches of solid wood); the Hot Rods also include upgraded internal wiring and caps, an impressive upgrade to the crossover and two pairs of sturdy binding posts for bi-wiring. They are relatively easy to drive with a sensitivity of 89dB 2.83V 1M.

But more important, is how they sound - they have surprisingly good bass for a speaker of their size and the glorious mid-range Meadowlark was famous for; the highs are smooth and buttery without sacrificing subtle detail. Sound-staging and imaging... have a precision of placement and scaling of instruments that's truly impressive."

Are you still using Keldamp? In conjunction with your more recent "Peeps deadener"? Just curious, thanks!



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Had one of my best listening experiences at an audio shop listening to Hot Rodded Kestrels. I’ll be all over a pair that comes up local to me.