Nice photos of audio gear.


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Since this is also an audio site maybe a little crossover is in order. So...with that in mind...some photos of audio gear, that aren't the blurry craigslist photos taken on a flip-phone. I'll start with the first one I found in my stash. A Shure V-15vmr, on the end of a VPI Classic's arm.



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1960 SABA "Freudenstadt" Stereo receiver prototype, that means this receiver is a unikate produced by the factory SABA, famous for the best tube stereo radio ever, the SABA "Freiburg". In 1964 they actually launched their first receiver, which was then based not on the "Freudenstadt", but on the "Freiburg", in the United States better known as the SABA "Continental 410".



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HarmanKardon;n2771 said:

But because of this topic is rather about photography than about gear, better take this one...
love the built in dust over support arm. So, what's the story on this poor thing?