Nice photos of audio gear.


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oh, and...
I think lots of all y'all* know him, but he's still worthy of mention (and I don't think I have mentioned him in this thread).

k13_0031 by Holger Barske, on Flickr

* oh, I know proper grammar -- sometimes I simply choose to ignore it. :o
What's happening to me? I look at that room and all I can think about is what I'd do with it without all that clutter and one really good pair of speakers.


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it is cluttered all righty... but it sure looks, to me, like fun clutter.
Of course, YMMV.
As amazing as all the gear is, what jumped out at me was the bench press/weights to the left. (With speakers like that....)

You know this is half of the shot, two more speakers to the back left and right for western electric 5.1 surround sound!