NLA - Finale Audio (Triode Labs) F138-FFX Integrated Amplifier - NO LONGER AVAILABLE


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By all accounts one of the best EL84 amps on the market. And my experience with it has me believing that to probably be accurate (although I clearly haven't heard every EL84 amp out there). Dead quiet on my 101dB OB speakers. Passive attenuators, which is taken out of the circuit when wide open, per the manufacturer (I emailed them to find out). So easily used as an amp only with a pre of your choice.

This one has Hashimoto output, choke and power transformers, Cardas RCAs and binding posts, Furutech AC inlet and Mundorf and Jensen caps. See attached build sheet for details. Uses 2 EL84s, a 5AR4 rectifier and 12AX7 driver. Has 4 and 8 ohm taps and one input. I have a Schiit Sys that I could possibly throw in if you need additional inputs. It worked great with this amp. Puts out about 6 watts, which easily drove my speakers to deafening levels. Also has a headphone input. The hole next to the headphone jack was apparently an LED that was removed, per Finale.

Included are a NOS set of Arcturus EL84s and a NOS Sylvania 5AR4, as well as 5 or 6 pairs of Russian EL84s, a pair of VM EL84s, a potato masher 5R4 and an Electron 5U4G rectifier. In a nutshell, enough tubes to set you up for life. No power cord is included.

Great review here: Triode Lab Ltd. Finalé F138-FFX Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier A very special artisan amplifier for seasoned audio and music enthusiasts. Review By Rick Becker

Asking $2100 with payment via PP, Zelle or Venmo. Will be double boxed. Box dims are 25x19x17 and weight is 35 pounds. Shipping is on the buyer.

Reach out with any questions at all.


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I know there's a Havenite out there that is secretly lusting over this amp ... and it's looking mighty lonely sitting on the floor of my listening room. This is a wonderful sounding amp!


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I know there's a Havenite out there that is secretly lusting over this amp ... and it's looking mighty lonely sitting on the floor of my listening room. This is a wonderful sounding amp!
I'm interested but resisting. What did you replace it with?


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A little bump for a great amp. I'll knock $100 off the price for a face to face delivery. I'm in SE WI, but will be headed to the Lansing, MI area for Easter weekend and would consider meeting somewhere in-between. I'm sad to see it sitting unused on the floor of my listening room....


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Would love to move this excellent amp on to a new home. I'll consider fair offers if you're interested, just give me a try. May even consider a partial trade (CD transport, cartridge, ??), although I would like the majority of it in cash to replenish the bank account after buying the VRD amp. Thanks!

I'd be happy to deliver it in person to you at AXPONA this weekend if you're going!


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Bumping this up for fair and reasonable offers. I'd also entertain interesting trade offers, one of which would be a nice pair of bookshelf/standmount speakers (that would pair well with my VRD amp). Maybe something else if it strikes my fancy and would be easy to resell should I choose. The Finale is getting lonely sitting unused in my listening room.


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I wish I had something I could work a partial trade with. This looks like a very nice amplifier.