NLA: Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid Preamp - Upgrades Galore!


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I built this a few years ago, and spared no expense. It's upgraded with Goldpoint dual mono attenuators and a Goldppoint selector switch, upgraded RCA jacks, silver wire with teflon sleeves and Superior Zcap capacitors, which were the recommended caps in Troels Gravesen's workup of the GG preamp (The Grounded Grid preamplifier). It also has a custom made faceplate from Front Panel Express, and a really nice blue LED pushbutton power switch. The preamp works perfectly and sounds terrific. It's currently set up for 18dB gain, but this is easily changed to 12dB or 24dB with the swap of 4 resistors (which I will include). I paired this most recently with Quciksilver Horn Mono amps (very nice pairing), but have also used it with Welborne Star Chief 45 monoblocks, Alan Eaton 45 monoblocks, a First Watt J2 and I'm sure a couple other amps I can't recall. It pairs easily with a wide variety of power amps. Asking $750 shipped. I have more photos if you'd like to see them, just ask and I'll email them to you. Add 3% for PP, or I'll take Venmo, Zelle or traditional payments.
Check out my listing for the Quicksilver Horn Mono amps. I'm preparing for a retirement house downsizing, and going to a Rogers integrated tube amp to reduce the number of components I have.
Thanks, Tom


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