"No charge for lousy sunsets"


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Another 'rustic' cedar bench for the back patio. Oldest daughter's graduation party is next Saturday, so I'm trying to get everything ready. The benches will mount to the deck in an 'L' at the far corner of the deck.

The deck needs stain/sealer, and I'm going to skirt in in long strips of cedar. But that ain't happening before next weekend.


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.... and the Solstice.
2-1/2 inches (or more; I didn't check this evening!) of rain in the last 48 hours -- but it cleared this evening for a little while, and the summer solstice sunset of 2019 was very nice indeed here in the Connecticut River Upper Valley.

DSC_5424 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr

DSC_5427 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr
We're still under cloud after a similar amount of rain. I won't mind a little earlier sundown. Need to get closer to the equator.


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update: coming up on six years up here full time (well, for Mrs. H -- I had a six month work-release program in MA before retiring and being up here full time :p ) -- still -- no charges incurred to date.

DSC_5843 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr