"No charge for lousy sunsets"

Long, long ago, I had a favorite restaurant in the Maryland seaside resort of Ocean City. Ocean City is located on a barrier island, so it has water on two sides (actually, three sides -- there's an inlet between Ocean City and Assateague Island cut by a hurricane in, IIRC, 1938).

But I digress.

The restaurant, Fager's Island, was (and perhaps still is?!) located on the "Bay side" of the island, so it had an overwater view to the West.
On a wall in the dining room, there was a sign that always made me smile, saying:

The corollary being, of course, that a site like that has few if any "lousy sunsets" -- they're all amazing.

Fast forward three or four decades.

My wife and I are blessed to now live in a place that evokes Fager's Island's tongue-in-cheek promise... and I love trying to take photos of sunsets.
So I am going to subject you to some :-)

DSC_3714 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr
DSC_0103 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr
DSC_0006 - Copy by Mark Hardy, on Flickr
DSC_3026 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr

Just saw this thread. Fagers Island is our go-to place at the start of each spring season. Until this year alas. But we will be back as soon as it’s safe to travel again.


My kid took this picture of me a few weeks back. Somewhere deep in the Superior National Forest, Northern MN.

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