"No charge for lousy sunsets"


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I wish I'd been able to shoot from a vantage point that got the wires out of the image.

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so... I texted my son the mathematician (who is also pretty computer & s/w literate, and has mad Photoshop skilz) and asked if he could easily remove the wire. He sent back the "one-click solution" -- not bad for one click, I'd opine :)


EDIT: This was his second iteration.
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Photoshop has some wicked tools. The healing tools have saved me a lot of work and grief in retouching photos, especially scans of old photos we've had in the family, and fixing some of my road trip photos. Well worth paying for the subscription since I use it so much.


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That's an ice-crystal halo, specifically a circumzenithal arc, and a darn fine one. Sun dogs are a related ice-crystal phenomenon.
Well, there you go, then. :)

Speaking of such things... from last Mothers' Day (a socially distanced gathering of us, our daughter, son-in-law, their kids, and his parents) -- midafternoon on a pretty nice, warmish, breezyish, hazyish, early May day.


Plus... I have a couple of Zenithal radios around here, someplace...
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Here's one that has nostalgic value for me, and is also a reminder of how far digital photography has come in the last two decades. It doesn't deserve a larger size than this, believe me. Sadly, my Olympus Stylus film camera had recently broken, or I would have a better presentation than this from a budget Canon P&S from my company's supply closet. From the upper deck of a Star Ferry crossing the straits to Hong Kong Island, November 2002, showing another Star Ferry returning to Kowloon. A treasured memory!

PB110052_DxO VSM.jpg
Way past my bedtime, but I finally dug this up. Real film! 120 color neg, probably Kodak Portra 400VC, Schneider 65mm f8 Super Angulon on a "baby" Century Graphic press camera. (with red leather bellows... very important! 😊)
Long Pond Sunset SM.jpg
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