No More Semelab Audio FET's for Inca Tech Claymore's


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No More Semelab Audio FET's

Sorry Claymore fans, the upgraded Semelab Audio FET,s I used the replace and upgrade Inca Tech Claymore have stopped production.
I have enough to complete the upgrade of the two Claymore's that I am doing now ONLY.

The hopeful news is I think I have found another complementary pair that may work, but a few change will also have to be done to the circuit board to make them run well to my spec.

I have ordered a few of the new one to try out and will publish a good bad notice later.
Mean while all the cap upgrade can still be done.

Best Col

The spec for the new ones is attached


  • FQA 28N15 FET N Ch.pdf
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  • FQA 36P15 P Ch FET.pdf
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