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Up for sale is one of best cartridges ever made - a Spectral MCR Signature. . I have found the carts that give me what I want and so Rather than hoard them and have them sit, I am passing some along. I am starting with what I may very well regret. It almost never comes up for sale. This is a good chance for you to get one. Made by the folks at Lyra (ScanTech) for Spectral to exact specifications. Not even top of the line Lyra's sound so airy, fast and balanced. This is a true high end Cart by every measure.

The cartridge is in great cosmetic and operational condition as far as the electronic end. Cantilever perfectly straight and it still sounds magnificent. I believe however that it is close to needing a retip, Hence my asking price. It has been my main Cart for the last few months and I was planning on sending it out next to Steve at VAS. A rebuild would be in the 350-450 range depending on options and materials selected from steve. I would not send this cart to just any retipper however. It does require someone with a more experience and knowledge if you want it done right. For me that would be VAS or Soundsmith, or even Van den Hul if you are feeling spendy. Compliance is low- almost all med and heavy arms are good. It comes with beautiful original box and foam shell.

Specifications: Type: moving coil Output Voltage: 0.2mV Frequency Response: 10Hz - 40kHz Tracking Force: 1.8g Mass: 9g Channel Separation: > 30dB Channel Balance: < 1dB Load Impedance: 20-47k ohms Output Impedance: 2 ohms Stylus Tip: line contact Cantilever: ceramic reinforced Aluminium Dynamic Compliance: 8x10-6cm/Dyne

I am asking (No Longer for sale) in the 48 states. may need an extra buck or two for the great white north. Will be here on the Haven exclusively through the weekend as I would love it to remain in the Haven Family. But I have no doubt that it will go fast on USAM. So if you are interested, do not hesitate to let me know. I am super easy to work with and a few folks here can vouch for my solid reputation.



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