OFF: Kenwood KA-9100 (Super Clean)

S0und Dragon

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I had original procured this amp with plans to set up a system for my oldest Son. But he has since discovered the world of Headphones and has been (pilfering) Borrowing my Cans instead. It is in awesome shape and really deserves to have more play time than I can give it. It is all original and has not seen service except to check basic specs and clean up switches and controls. The wood case was cleaned up by a good friend of mine and looks amazing. It is not mint, but you would be hard pressed to find the flaws. Face is very clean. This is a Living Room worthy piece. If I were to keep it, I would have her serviced and be done. But I am pretty much set in the integrated amp department. She sounds wonderful as is. I would like $600. I have the factory box but not the inserts. I will pack it to survive with foam and an outer box. Figure 45 Lbs packed in a 22x22x12 ish box. I am open to offers so please feel free to reach out.

I also have an Ailing KT-7500 in a Wooden case that I could be talked into throwing in the deal. Maybe you just want the case for your own Kenwood tuner? We can discuss.



My brother and I owned a 9100 without the wood case and the ginormous rack handles on the front. Thing weighed a ton with it's dual power supplies, each with it's own heavy power transformer. He bought me out when he moved out of our parents house, and I bought my current Yamaha receiver. It's collecting dust on a shelf in his basement, and I occasionally send him ads showing how much it is worth.