OFF: (Rare) Micro Seiki BL-99V turntable W/ SAEC WE 407/TM. in 120v

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Here's a Micro Seiki BL-99V turntable with a SAEC WE 407/TM tonearm. Available in Japan until 1992, it came in several iterations depending on finish and arm. Finding this Deck in 120v is very rare. In fact, all others that I have seen are 100v and would require a step down to operate. I believe this was either a custom order or a very small batch made for the North American Market. My gut leans towards this deck being a special order as this table and arm used to belong to Sam Telling, the audio reviewer. The table Works perfectly and keeps perfect speed. Vacuum pump is totally quiet. Dust cover has minor swirls that will probably polish out, but this has never bothered me, and I am pretty picky.

This deck has been an absolute Joy to own and if not for me once again chasing after another rare item..... would keep this deck. It is a very musical deck and competes well with and compliments my Prodigal Technics SP-10 Mk. II It is the easier of the two Decks to use, and has gotten the reputation here of being my more casual deck. When I do not want to go through the motions of setting up the Technics for reference play. But when it comes to tone and sound, it is no slouch. I will be sad to see it go. I am not likely to see another BL-99V in the US with a 120 volt motor.

More details here: Micro Seiki BL-99V on

I will include a very nice and very rare Spectral MCR Signature cart Mounted on a SAEC ULS-2 Head shell at full ask. As well as copies of manual for the turntable and the tonearm. A spare new belt.
I hate shipping turntables; So with the price adjustment am taking it off the table. Local pick up or dropped off to a shipper of your choosing.. I will also be willing to deliver it in the Tri State area (NY, NJ, CT) Up to 75 miles from my home. More could be negotiated within reason.

I am asking $3500. I will entertain offers of course and am always very generous with my fellow havenites. In fact, the Cart and head shell being included is for reputable Haven members only and not offered elsewhere. My reputation is solid so please feel free to reach out. I can offer more pictures as well as a video call for further inquiries.


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Someone asked about the Pump for the unit. So I figured I would post a few pics. I realize that this may not be the venue for this Deck and that is ok. I like to give my fellow Havenites first crack at the good stuff. This will be going on other venues tonight or tomorrow. If you have any interest and want to make an offer, please feel free to reach out.



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