Oh oh! Jimmie Rodgers, RIP.

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Just learned that 50's pop singer Jimmie Rodgers, famous for songs such as Honeycomb, Kisses Sweeter then Wine, and Oh oh, I'm Falling In Love Again, has passed away at age 87. Mr Rodgers had an odd run in with the police in 1967, after which he was found brutally beaten and left In his car. The police claim he had fallen. Others claim it was a mob related hit, as he had been pressuring Roulette Records for unpaid royalties.

Mr Rodgers had a long and successful career, with hit records, two variety tv shows, and an extensive live performances. RIP, Mr Rodgers, and thanks for all the music.



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Roulette Records and its, ahhmmm, management, was - I have only recently come to lear - infamously... umm... infamous.

I remember those songs well, as they were all played regularly on the 50 kW clear channel (not Clear Channel) AM radio station, WBAL (1090 kHz, then and now, B-more), in the days of my yoot'. They played great pop songs of the 50s and 60s without a sense of irony nor nostalgia. OK, it was the 60s at the time -- but not the early 60s.

A long life and a successful career.