OK, I have two 10-1/2 inch tape reel questions for all y'all


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I have some "stock" photos of tape decks playing in my collection that have, at one time or another, drawn flak from the cognoscenti at Another Hifi Forum. :confused:


"Don't mix NAB and...well... not NAB hubs when playing or recording a tape"

Otari MX5050 010215 3 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr

"Don't mix plastic and metal reels when playing or recording a tape"

(these aren't exact quotes but represent the guidance I received)

So, my question, relating to both is: Why not?

Thanks for any and all clarification!
I don’t know about nab and non nab hubs but I’ve used plastic and metal reels together without issue.
Those are both lovely decks but I really do like the Otari!
It was a rescue deck (along with two buddies) from a local radio station. This forum's own @BruceK pinged me and pointed me to a CL post some years back. The chief engineer of the station had been tasked with emptying out a storage locker so he/they offered 'em up to anyone who'd pick 'em up. I picked 'em up.


All three had been rode hard and put away wet -- but all three worked (a testament, I think, to the robusness of these decks). I gave one to a MA hifi guru who wanted the cart. I said, the cart's all yours, but you get the deck, too! ;)

DSC_9662 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr