OK, youse guyses, I am a sucka for cheap horns


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Any info? Nothing really at the link - maybe horn curve type?
They had me on cheap.
And the cutoffs are ostensibly low.
I mean, it's hard for a cheapskate like me to turn my back (so to speak) on a $16, two-inch throat horn that is alleged to go to 400 Hz.

I have links to another inexpensive horn that sounds pretty darn good if you want to get completely incorrigible. ;)
Have I seen this elsewhere on this site already? :)

John Frum

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I'd had my eye on that 2" horn. Now, with Mark's interest, we can count on them being sold out in no time... :beat

In any case, it would seem that 400 Hz is, uh, optimistic.

The 1' waveguide looks like a version of the one from the QSC HPR152i that came to the attention of the DIY community through Zilch's efforts.


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I am wary of the constriction in the throat of that 2" horn, reminds me of the 811/511. I don't trust the 400Hz cut off, at least an octave higher or more.

The 1" horn looks good at 1200Hz.

But you have to tell us how they sound.:)


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That one inch horn looks promising! Let us know if the mounting flange is compatible with Altec 802.

My concern is that the diameter might not be sufficient to bolt on an Altec, but it is hard to say from the stock photo.

Like JE sez, that 2" horn looks like a diffraction horn, suspiciously like the dreaded 511!:eek: