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Never thought it would leave my music room but its time for it to find another home. It will include a pair of Globe and ST 26 as well as a pair of Globe and ST 46 so you start off with some tubes to roll. Ask questions if you have them. This amp looks amazing and sounds amazing. It was Olivers personal amp and it has been my daily driver since it made its way into my music room. It has been an amazing amp and I'll miss it. It drove my Omega CAMs and my Omega High output Monitors without issue. It has been my favorite amp for sure. The Omega High Output monitors are for sale and available as a package deal if you are interested. I'll cover shipping at my asking price to the lower 48. It will be double boxed and well packed. Shipping gear isn't an issue. I'd like $3500 shipped

Here is some info from Oliver regarding the amp:
The 46 amplifier is approx. 45 lbs and 17” x 12” x ~8” (h) not unwieldy but heavier than most 1.25 watt amplifiers.
This is a transformer coupled design using Lundahl amorphous core interstage and NOS Tamura output transformers, all film/oil capacitors and multiple choke filtered power supply (which contributes to the weight), DC and current regulated filament supplies for the 26, parts are all the best I could find NOS Johnson tube sockets, silver RCA/binding, non inductive wirewound resistors.


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