On this day in audio history

All I remember about my first CD player is that it was a JVC single disc player without a remote. I bought it because I had grown tired of trying to maintain my LP's. No matter how careful I was, they always developed the snap, crackle, and pops that drove me insane. I was sold the first time I heard a CD being played as I was entirely focused on the technology that eliminated surface noise. I quickly learned however how important the recording quality is for the medium. I still have my early U2 CD's that are quite simply not listenable at any type of volume (The Unforgettable Fire being the worst). Call it digital glare, sibilance, whatever; they are horrible. Then I got my Brothers In Arms CD. What a revelation. Apparently it was one of the first rock recordings that was targeted at the CD market, being a full digital recording (DDD). I stream quite a bit these days, but I still enjoy taking out a CD and listening to a whole album.