Once More - Passing the Hat

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Done- thanks for this enjoyable and informative community! Happy holidays and happy new year to all.

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Let me thank you all for your incredible generosity. When I started this place, it was a huge gamble. Would anyone actually be interested in a conflict free audio site? Where people would come to talk about audio, not fight about audio.

The fact that you gentlemen not only support the site with time and words, but also chip in to keep the place running means more then I can say.

Thank you for turning my experiment into the nicest online community that I know of.

Supporting the Haven was an easy decision....once I saw the request for donations. If I hadn’t clicked on this thread I wouldn’t have known about the request. Maybe the need can be highlighted in other places as well.

Hifi Haven is easily my favorite audio site. Not only are the topics of more interest to me here than anywhere else, but the people here are the nicest as well. No flames, no trolls, just nice considerate folks who are genuinely interested in helping one another enjoy our shared interests. So keep up the good work!
Not open for further replies.