Opinions on Recapping vs Repairing Vintage Receivers


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I view this hobby as a play at your own level sort of thing.
If you love music and want some form of quality play back, that's all it takes.
There is no right or wrong, just a half million ways to the enjoy the journey.
Thank you to Eric for creating the atmosphere we have here.
"Which is why I made this place. I was tired of the same crap." The Prime Minister.... I am really grateful that you did . In my time , I have been to many fora which are connected with music and the equipment used to reproduce it . I have watched people bickering and being rude and unpleasant to each other, people thinking that the number of posts they have makes them wise or they are the world expert and must be listened to. I was so pleased to find this forum , where we all "rub along" exchange our views , have a smile, disagree without many problems and keep trying to respect each other and enjoy our hobby . I cherish this place ....