out of the closet: I seem to be an AR4x fan (?!)


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1) Yeah, the pots... the pots. I know... I will... anon. :o

2) AR2ax... there is a hideously ugly pair of those downstairs, too. I mean hideous. So hideous -- I've never showed a photo of them anywhere online AFAIK. Dump finds (of course). I even bought a pair of replacement MR drivers for 'em as one (maybe both... I forget now) of the originals were quite trashed. Otherwise, to date, they are unrestored. Did I mention that they were hideous? They do work, though.

3) @JoeThePop my strong suggestion would be -- don't buy any AR4x at the current market prices. Wait for a few thousand more '70s audiophiles to shuffle off this mortal coil and the prices cool off some. :confused:🧐

OK, gotta go do some more trimmin' outside... it's that brief time of year when the weather's marvy and the environs are lookin' about as good as they ever do, and the weather's nice enough to be motivated enough to do a little outside work. :cool:

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I had a pair of AR-2ax, and they were nice speakers. I used them in an upstairs loft bedroom for a long time, back when I lived in one big speaker-filled room. Not really my cup of tea anymore- the Harbeths did their trick a whole lot better at like 500 times the price. But they were worth the pittance I paid for them and then some.


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My entire experience with AR speakers is limited to a pair of free AR-15s that I used in the garage system for time (that got majorly cooked in the house fire to a point well beyond rescue) and a pair of AR-2A that are sitting in my closet awaiting a rebuild. I got them in Jackson, MI on the last day of a church bazaar (with original stands!) when they started just giving away anything that hadn't sold. The cabinets are perfect, but one of the woofers has a voice coil rub and I haven't found anyone to deal with that yet. I think when/if I get to them I might do the conversion to the mids and ditch the paired clock-radio drivers.

The biggest stumbling-block is that I have a nice pair of Yamaha NS-690s that need the crossovers rebuilt that probably sound better when in good state. Those were my main speakers from '92 until 2015 , believe it or not. The even bigger stumbling-block is that the system that either pair would be used in has a pair of B&W DM-14s in it that really seem to pair well with the electronics and the space. Motivation is lacking...


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Those were my main speakers from '92 until 2015 , believe it or not.
Why would we (I, at any rate) not believe that? My Polk Audio Monitor 7As were "on line" without interruption (other than moving house a few times) from 1978 until 1997, when a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls made their way to my house -- and, boy, was our neighbor's wife glad that they weren't going to be moving them again (back to the DC area from MA)! ;)

In other news, I am - for no good reason* - playing with KLH Sixes this week. Heaven help me.

* Well -- there's a reason: There are three pairs of them here, but not all tweeters are working! I didn't say it was a good reason. :o